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About Us

We don’t want you to ever worry about deliveries. Just let us know where to pick it up, where it’s going and when it needs to be there. We’ll do the rest.


Hire the best

We are a stable, independent Swedish company. Since our inception in 1989, we’ve managed to stake a strong claim in the nation-wide courier market. Today, we have partners in most larger cities throughout the country. Seemingly pegging us as someone content with just moving boxes from A to B. But while that is in itself a cornerstone of our business, our concerns don’t end there. In order to do our very best for you, we have more to live up to.

Personal commitment.

The way we see it, it’s the personal connection that determines whether or not any cooperation will ultimately work. That connection will be the foundation for any lasting relationship, and provides the basic security between us. Because of this, we make sure that every client has their own go-to-guy (or girl) who always knows exactly where your shipment is, and sees to it that everything goes according to plan.


Flexible and care-free.

Since everyone at our end is well aware of what is needed for a successful delivery, you never need to worry about anything. Just let us know where to pick it up, where it’s going and when it needs to be there. We’ll take care of the rest.

We want our customers to feel comfortable in using us

At Transportören you always have your personal expert at hand. Together we will solve your  needs and make sure to deliver your cargo in the right time and at the right location. This lays the foundation for a long and prosperous business relationship.

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Maria Dahlqvist

Malmö Branch manager, Sales

maria [dot] dahlqvist [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)40-14 20 41

Erik Söderström

Gothenburg (HQ) Marketing Director, Sales

erik [dot] soderstrom [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)31-705 07 73

Martin Kjeller

Gothenburg (HQ) Sales Director

martin [dot] kjeller [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)31-705 07 75

Susanne Skoglund

Stockholm Sales

susanne [dot] skoglund [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)8-700 22 81