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Personal commitment

At all levels!


If you (like us)...

...want to get to know customers and make them feel safe about their transport, you need to be able to communicate simply and honestly. That’s why we don’t have a telephone answering service or a call centre. Instead, we answer the telephone, the people that work with transport and logistics every day.

We believe that personal contact builds a sense of security between us and is the cornerstone of a long and rewarding relationship. Moreover, it’s also easy for you to always get hold of the right person, because you are allocated a contact who becomes the link between you and everyone needed to ensure that you and your customers remain satisfied. 

Our employees and suppliers are the backbone of our business and concept, so we therefore make sure that they work according to the right conditions. We favour suppliers that can demonstrate fair conditions for drivers in the form of union-agreed wages, respect for driving and rest times etc. This is achieved via subcontractor assessments that are the basis of our extensive register of partners. 

Drivers get better conditions, our roads become safer, you get transport of the highest quality and we get more satisfied customers.