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Grön Frakt

GrönFrakt ™ - An effort for the climate


To compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions that the delivery of your order entails, you can when ordering choose to donate SEK 10 which goes in full to the association Save Rainforest and their work to protect valuable rainforest in Ecuador and Colombia. Approximately 10 square meters of forest per order are protected if you choose to compensate for the transport's climate impact.

Deforestation causes about 20 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions - an important measure to counteract climate change is therefore to protect rainforests from felling.

Save the Rainforest

The Save Rainforest Association is a non-profit association that works to protect tropical rainforests in Ecuador. The work is carried out in close collaboration with partners and local people in the vicinity of the forest. The association has a very small administration that is managed by volunteers, which enables a very large part of the gifts and grants to go directly to the projects they have chosen to support.

Read more about Save the Rainforest.

Carbon dioxide emissions on delivery

Together with our suppliers, we have produced a basis for how much carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions an average pallet delivery generates. The calculation is based on the average distance that our cars drive for each respective order. A delivery of a pallet generates an average of about 6 kg of CO2.

It is very difficult to calculate how much a certain area of ​​forest corresponds to in the form of carbon dioxide. Therefore, we have chosen to compare what the corresponding amount of carbon dioxide would cost to compensate for in the form of emission rights. An emission right corresponds to one tonne of fossil carbon dioxide and its price fluctuates according to supply and demand. For private individuals, it costs between approximately SEK 250 and 300 to buy an emission right (we choose to use the comparison value of SEK 275). To compensate for a delivery of a pallet by buying emission rights, it would thus cost approximately SEK 1.7 (0.292 tonnes x SEK 275/48 pl). As an order can consist of everything from a package to dozens of pallets, we have chosen to set the climate compensation fee at SEK 10 per order, regardless of the number of pallets. It's just as good to take in when the money goes to a good cause!

Our challenge to you

For every order where you choose GrönFrakt ™, we at Transportören AB will add 50% extra to your donation! If you have paid SEK 10 on an order, we will add another SEK 5. In this way, we take responsibility together!

Open accounting

If you choose to book your shipping as GrönFrakt ™, it will be reported on your invoice. You can also see on the invoice how much donations you have contributed in total!

From the association Save Rainforest, we receive a certificate for the total amount donated.

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Christina Björklund Nicklasson

Gothenburg (HQ) Administration, Quality- & environmental manager

christina [dot] bjorklund [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)31-705 07 74