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Transportören AB launches carbon reduction programme GrönFrakt™

Friday, April 25, 2014 - 17:37

As a customer of Transportören, you now have the opportunity to help save valuable rainforest in Ecuador. When placing your order you have the option of choosing GrönFrakt™, which means that you pay 10 SEK extra that goes in full to the non-profit organization "Rädda Regnskogen" (Save the Rainforest). Transportören will add another 5 SEK per order.

– The idea behind carbon offsetting is that we, together with our customers, make our contribution to offset the carbon emissions caused by our transports, says Christina Björklund Niklasson, Environmental & Quality Manager at Transportören.

Transportören has registered the trademark "GrönFrakt" for this purpose, and a total of 15 SEK per compensated transport will be donated to the non-profit organisation and their efforts to protect valuable rainforest in Ecuador. For the price of 15 SEK, about 15m2 of rainforest can be protected.
Deforestation of tropical rainforests cause about 20 percent of the worlds annual emissions of greenhouse gases, which is why see it as an important measure to reduce the impact of climate change, says Christina.

"Rädda Regnskog" is a non-profit organisation that helps protect the tropical rainforests of Ecuador from deforestation. Their work is conducted in close co-operation with their partner Fundacion Cambugán and local populace in the vicinity of the forest. This non-profit has a very small overhead administration and is run by volunteers, which enables the maximum amount of money to be spent where it matters.

Together with our subcontractors, we at Transportören have calculated the amount of CO2 emissions caused by an average pallet-transport. Our calculations are based on the average distance traveled for each order. A shipment of one pallet generates about 6kg of CO2.
It's very difficult to calculate exactly how much a certain acreage correspond to in terms of carbon dioxide. That is why we have chosen to compare what the same amount of carbon dioxide would cost to buy in the form of a CER-unit (Certified Emission Reduction).
One CER equals 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide, and the cost of one CER relies on supply and demand, but usually fluctuates between 250 SEK and 300 SEK. By purchasing CER-units it would cost 1,7 SEK to offset the emissions of one pallet transport (0,292 MT x 275 SEK / 48 pallets).
Because a transport-order may contain anything from one package up to 48 pallets, we have chosen to appoint a carbon reduction donation of 10 SEK per order, no matter how many pallets your order contains. Furthermore, we're donating 5 SEK on top of that! Why be modest when it is for a good cause?

Your carbon emission reductions are detailed on your invoices, and on our website you can see the total amount donated to Rädda Regnskog through GrönFrakt™.

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Christina Björklund Nicklasson

Gothenburg (HQ) Administration, Quality- & environmental manager

christina [dot] bjorklund [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)31-705 07 74

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