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The spread of the coronavirus continues and more and more governments and authorities are taking strong action to minimize risks and spread within their respective countries and also beyond their borders.


Here we compile our response to minimize the effects and risks of the ongoing spread of infection.

We at Transportören follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations regarding the Corona virus and its development.
This means that if we feel sick, we stay at home, and if we feel healthy, we go to work.

We do not arrange meetings in larger groups - and those of our employees who are worried about attending meetings and gatherings are of course respected.
We naturally follow recommendations on hand hygiene and other advice and requirements issued by the authorities.
This applies to our salaried employees as well as our drivers and subcontractors.

If the progress of the virus continues, we can expect that some of our staff will be affected and that our capacity will therefore be limited.
At present, we are concerned that our customers' demand is affected to a corresponding degree, which is why we believe we can maintain the required capacity.

With good communication, cooperation and good will, we will do everything we can to fulfill our commitments, support our customers and protect our staff and our suppliers!


For you as a client

As measures are taken within Sweden and more countries, our opportunities to deliver goods in accordance with normal lead times also become more difficult.
We therefore want to emphasize, with the utmost seriousness, that under these extraordinary circumstances, delays will occur.
All communicated and agreed delivery times under the current situation are thus to be regarded as preliminary.

Due to the introduction of restrictions and various activities being limited or temporarily closed, it is essential that you as a customer, prior to the time of booking, ensure with us that loading and / or unloading can take place in accordance with the intended booking.
It is also of the utmost importance that you inform in the booking about any deviations at the sender / recipient.
In some cases, we are prevented from delivering at all for reasons that we can not influence. This may mean that the goods must be returned to the terminal or returned to the sender with extra costs as a consequence in addition to non-delivery.


For our suppliers

In addition to following the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations, there are some additional recommendations:

  • Follow the regulations determined by each recipient / sender for their workplace
  • Bring gloves and rubbing alcohol in the truck
  • Stay in the cab when loading / unloading if possible
  • If possible, communicate with the customer via mobile phone in cases where you are not allowed to participate in the unloading
  • If you are refused loading or unloading - contact your traffic manager at the Carrier


For the Carrier's employees

In addition to following the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations, there are some additional recommendations:

  • Avoid meetings - customer visits or supplier visits are taken via Skype, otherwise we postpone physical meetings for the time being
  • Trips to risk areas on duty must be canceled
  • We urge our staff not to travel to risk areas privately
  • If you feel sick - stay home