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Accidents should never happen - but if they do...
It's never fun if cargo is damaged or lost.


Our goal is to never let reclamations exceed 0,2% of transport missions carried out. In 2021 we managed to keep our reclamations below 0,18%.

One of the contributing factors to transport damages is reloadings, and we try to minimize the number of reloadings as much as possible.

Should accidents occur, we urge you to get in touch with your comissioning body - which might be us or a forwarding agent.

Always inspect the goods on arrival. Should the goods be damaged, ask the driver to sign for it on the consignment note. Should there be substantial damage to the goods, please contact your insurance company.


All comissions are performed as per NSAB 2000 with the exception of insurance liabilities in § 27 C3.

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Lotta Linderoth

Gothenburg (HQ) Administration, Reclamations officer

lotta [dot] linderoth [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)31-705 07 76