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Construction Logistics

Efficient construction logistics with the Conveyor Construction logistics is generally about controlling the flow of materials in an efficient manner. The carrier's logistics center enables safe and efficient work at all levels.


As a logistics center, we can help you who are in need of a flexible solution Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö or Norrköping. With us, you can stock your material under safe conditions in good premises and also get help with the logistics themselves. With the right knowledge and the right resources, we can help you according to your needs and wishes - large and small.

Total responsibility that simplifies both security and logistics

By handing over the logistics to us and our partners, everything will be easier for you. Services that can be included, for example, are:

  • Intermediate storage and receipt of goods
  • Lifting and unloading of goods at workplaces
  • Carrying goods so that they are in the right place at the right time

Our ambition is that you do not have to give a thought to logistics. The only thing you need to do is inform us about what the case is about, where the goods should be and when it should be delivered. We take care of the rest.

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By taking help from us, the risk of your goods being damaged while waiting for them to be used is reduced and you immediately have more time left over for your core business. Regardless of the scope of the assignment, you can expect to always receive personal service from staff with long experience in the logistics industry.

Do you want to know more about how we as a logistics center in Stockholm or Gothenburg can help you according to your needs? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will tell you more.

Warm welcome.

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Maria Dahlqvist

Malmö Branch manager, Sales

maria [dot] dahlqvist [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)40-14 20 41

Erik Söderström

Gothenburg (HQ) Marketing Director, Sales

erik [dot] soderstrom [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)31-705 07 73

Martin Kjeller

Gothenburg (HQ) Sales Director

martin [dot] kjeller [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)31-705 07 75

Susanne Skoglund

Stockholm Sales

susanne [dot] skoglund [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)8-700 22 81

Paul Larsson

Gothenburg (HQ) Sales

paul [dot] larsson [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)31-705 07 86

Carl Olsson

Gothenburg (HQ) Sales

carl [dot] olsson [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)31-705 07 89