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Third Party Logistics

Efficient third-party logistics that frees up more time and reduces your costs.


What is third party logistics?

Third-party logistics (abbreviated TPL or 3PL) simply means that a third party takes over some or all parts of another company's logistics functions. The service is thus a type of outsourcing of the business, so-called outsourcing. Logistics functions usually include inventory management and warehousing, as well as distribution of goods from supplier to recipient.

Benefits of 3PL

For many companies, logistics is a costly and time-consuming function that is often outside the actual core business. By transferring warehousing and / or delivery functions to an external party with large volume advantages, which is what 3PL is all about, you can save both time and money and instead focus on driving the company forward.

Our services in third-party logistics

Logistics functions such as handling warehouses and transporting goods from point A to point B require a lot of planning, ingenuity and problem solving for everything to flow smoothly. Fortunately, these are some of our top specialties. We have the experience, competence and capacity required to be able to offer you and your company a complete and affordable logistics solution.

We can help you with:

Third-party logistics - common among e-retailers

Third-party logistics are common in e-commerce. If you run an e-commerce business or other similar business that is growing fast, for example, you probably do not want to make a major investment in everything that warehousing, transportation and distribution entails. By choosing 3PL for your e-commerce, you free up both time and money to make the right priorities for your business. It gives you an opportunity to focus on what exactly you are best at, and let your e-commerce grow and develop at the pace you decide. Let us at Transportören become your reliable partner for third-party logistics for your e-commerce company. We pick, pack and distribute your products quickly and efficiently to guarantee you the best possible flow of goods.

Better prices with 3PL

A common misconception about outsourcing services is that it becomes much more expensive than if you take care of it yourself. In fact, it is often just the opposite - not least when it comes to third-party logistics. As a large and experienced player in the industry, we at Transportören have direct contact with hundreds of hauliers and very good insight into which of them are the best in which areas. This means favorable agreements and lower prices for deliveries, as well as packaging and filling materials - which will be major economies of scale to take advantage of for you as a partner to us. By choosing third-party logistics, you can thus reduce your company's logistics costs significantly.

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If you need help with third-party logistics in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Jönköping, Malmö or Norrköping, we at Transportören can help you with smart and efficient solutions. Contact us for further information.

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