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Webportal & EDI

There are many advantages in using our webportal and EDI. There is a lot to be said for abandoning faxes and e-mails in favour of an EDI solution.


Some of the advantages:

  • The information is always current and correct
  • Shortens delivery time
  • Increases control over goods and information flowx
  • Reduces error margin by cutting down on manual handling
  • Time saved placing and handling orders benefit everyone


Our web-portal is an advanced tool that is easy to use and offers you increased transport control. Once logged in, you can quickly register new bookings, create pack lists or labels. You can choose sender and receiver from your own registers. You can also download receipts, control costs, oversee invoices and get estimates on coming shipments; all without wasting time for manual calculations. If you are already a registered user, you can also see your shipment history – even if you’ve never used the portal before. It’s not only quick and easy to get started – it’s also completely free. Contact us and you’ll have an account in a few minutes!

Systems integration & EDI

Are you already working with a system for placing orders and handling inventory, production planning or spedition? Then you can save even more time by integrating your system with ours. This basically means that when you enter an order into your business application, it pops up at our end. Our system automatically replies with pack lists and shipment cost. Once this functionality is in place, we can increase the systems intra-communication together, for instance through the inclusion of EDI invoicing. This contributes heavily to a more efficient process, for all parties concerned. In order to take full advantage of true EDI, this system has been designed to facilitate an easy integration of both yours and our in-place business system

Intriguing, isn’t it? Contact us, and we’ll discuss a solution!

The following TMS, WMS and order automation systems are already integrated with us!

  • Aspect4 (send & receive transport orders)
  • Barkfors WinTL (send & receive transport orders)
  • Descartes TFL, f.d KSD Software (send transport orders)
  • EDI-Soft Consignor (send & receive transport orders)
  • Evry Alystra (send & receive transport orders)
  • Opter (send & receive transport orders, priser, invoices, self-billing, track&trace)
  • Forward Computers FCL (send & receive transport orders)
  • Input-soft FleetIT (send & receive transport orders)
  • Logivia Transportplanet (send & receive transport orders)
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV + enwis (send orders, generate waybills, create WEEE documents and pricing)
  • Ongoing Warehouse (send transport orders)
  • PFC Pabs (send & receive transport orders, calculate pricing, generate waybills)
  • TradeShift (send invoices)
  • Unifaun Online (send orders, track&trace)
  • Unifaun Web-TA (send orders, track&trace)
  • Logtrade

Vill du veta mer?


Kristoffer Christoffersson

Gothenburg (HQ) IT manager

kristoffer [dot] christoffersson [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)31-705 07 88

Trung Hoang

Gothenburg (HQ) IT

trung [dot] hoang [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)31-705 07 81