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Transport to Iceland

Ship simple general cargo to Iceland

Transportören helps you with transport and logistics of goods to all parts of Iceland. We ship to and from Iceland with all types of piece goods, pallets, partial goods, containers, full loads and ADR goods.

Through our knowledge and many collaborations with local distributors, we are specialists in transport to and from Iceland and offer transport to all regions of the country. We lower costs for you and offer competitive prices in the transport sector.

We help you with most things in transport/logistics from all European countries to and from Iceland.

  • International transport to Iceland
  • Regional transport Iceland
  • Precise lead times and good prices for transport to and from Iceland
  • Accessible and service-oriented staff.
  • High delivery security in Iceland

Book shipping to Iceland

The carrier is a freight forwarder that specializes in sending packages and goods abroad. We take your package and send it by train, boat, plane or truck to Iceland. Everything for a smooth shipping solution and with the right documentation so you can easily book shipping to Iceland.

More about the destination Iceland

Iceland, formally the Republic of Iceland, has 364,134 inhabitants. There are 122,853 inhabitants in the capital Reykjavik. Another important city is Hafnarfjörður which is located 10 kilometers outside Reykjavik and is the third most populous city with 29,799 inhabitants. Hafnarfjörður means harbor fjord and is an important port in the country dating back to the 14th century for the shipping of various goods. Iceland is its own island out in the Atlantic and therefore has no physical land border with other countries. Exports are important for the Icelandic economy and the country is a leader in Europe when it comes to aluminum production. Fishing and tourism are two other important branches with a strong focus on ecotourism.

For more information, we recommend Business Sweden:

Offer for transport to Iceland
Fill in our "Become a Customer" form at the bottom of the page or call us on 031-705 07 70. If you want transport to another destination, we will of course arrange it.

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Malmö Branch manager, Sales

maria [dot] dahlqvist [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)40-14 20 41

Susanne Skoglund

Stockholm Sales

susanne [dot] skoglund [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)8-700 22 81