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Norrköping / Mjölby


Transport company Norrköping & Mjölby

Are you looking for a transport company in Norrköping? Then you have found the right place. The carrier is a stable transport company that helps you with flexible solutions that suit your needs. No two companies are alike - that's why we tailor the transport of your delivery to suit you!

We help our customers with both small and large deliveries. We can assist with resources for emergency deliveries the next day, as well as loads with long planning. You can sit back and let the Carrier help you with deliveries based on your needs.
We offer our customers:

  • Flexible and tailored solutions based on your needs.
  • Deliveries that arrive on time, at the place you want.
  • Delivery that is planned and ensured as the most economical and least time-consuming.
  • Suppliers who have good conditions for their drivers.

We take care of your transport! All you have to do is let us know what is to be shipped, where you want your delivery and when you want it to be delivered. We take care of the rest!
We value your security and a long-term relationship
At Transportören, we strive for you as a customer to feel secure in the cooperation and be 100% satisfied with our help.
With us, you can sit back and feel safe with us taking care of your transport. We believe in long lasting, close relationships. Therefore, you get a contact person who assists with the help you need to give you as much time as possible for other things.
Contact us if you want to know about Transportören - your transport company in Norrköping & Mjölby. Warm welcome! 
Norrköping / Mjölby
Transportören AB
Linköpingsvägen 3
595 50 Mjölby
tel: +46 (0)11-25 90 90

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Linda Sundberg

Norrköping / Mjölby Freight forwarding

linda [dot] sundberg [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)11-25 90 92

Interests: Loves to exercise and move around, but can't play any sport that has to do with balls.
Favorite food: Asian or preferably just snacks
Age: Born in the 70's.
Born: In Norrköping
Other: Is fully occupied with the famous hamster-wheel, so does not have time for much other than work and family. However, love the good things in life, i.e. good food and good wines.

Hidden ability: If there is one, it lies deep inside. We'll see if it ever shows up.

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Andreas Lundman

Andreas Lundman

Norrköping / Mjölby Freight forwarding

andreas [dot] lundman [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)11-25 90 91

Interests: Cozy evenings at home with some light and dance-friendly music.
Favorite food: Pork fillet with pineapple, preferably flambéed!
Age: Not that old!
Born: Strålsnäs but raised in Mjölby
Other: Likes listening to dance band music and often travels to Tallinn.
Hidden ability: Speaks fluent Estonian!

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Mikael Jonsson

Mikael Jonsson

Norrköping / Mjölby Freight forwarding

mikael [dot] jonsson [at] transportoren [dot] se +46 (0)11-25 90 93

Interests: Various sports, but preferably on TV - as well as trips to Maderia and driving around Europe.
Favorite food: Most things with low nutritional value.
Age: Stopped counting.
Born: The vast metropolitan city of Fågelsta in Östergötland county!
​Hidden ability: Make people believe that I listened to what was said.

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