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Transport to Albania

Ship simple general cargo to Albania

Transportören helps you with transport and logistics of goods to all parts of Albania. We ship to and from Albania with all types of piece goods, pallets, partial goods, containers, full loads and ADR goods.

Through our knowledge and many collaborations with local distributors, we are specialists in transport to and from Albania and offer transport to all regions of the country. We lower costs for you and offer competitive prices in the transport sector.

We help you with most things in transport/logistics from all European countries to and from Albania.

  • International transport to Albania
  • Regional transport Albania
  • Precise lead times and good prices for transport to and from Albania
  • Accessible and service-oriented staff.
  • High delivery security in Albania

More about the destination Albania

Albania, formally the Republic of Albania, has 2.8 million inhabitants. The country's capital is Tirana, where 420,280 people live. Two other important cities are Durrësi and Shkodra. Durrësi is a port city and therefore a central point for shipping both for import and export. Shkodra is the oldest city in the country and is one of the most historically important places in Albania. The country borders Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro. Albania has a very mountainous landscape and Mediterranean climate. In Albania, just over half of the inhabitants are farmers and a fifth of the inhabitants work in another country. Maize, figs, tobacco and maize are mainly grown.

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